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Join the Live Green Tea Hawaii Team - Visit us at Booth #2230Surf Expo 2013 - Live Green Tea Hawaii

We look forward to seeing you at Surf Expo 2013 and appreciate your interest in Green Tea Hawaii. The Live Green Tea Hawaii Team stands ready to answer your questions in hopes you'll decide to become an affiliate retailer with the Green Tea Hawaii products.

Come join the Live Green Tea Hawaii team and let us help you ride the GreenTeaHAWAII wave of healthy, nutrient supplement sales that will bring healthy margins to your retail locations.

Live Green Tea Hawaii is expanding its affiliate retail program to multiple geographic and demographic areas throughout the U.S., including some limited international markets.Live Green Tea Hawaii - Surf Expo 2013 The GreenTeaHAWAII™ family of products are relatively new to most parts of the mainland and Caribbean, since their creation and product launch in Hawaii. These unique products have taken the Hawaiian islands by storm, capturing mass market shares in a very short amount of time, and its posed to do the same here on the mainland. There are many parts of the U.S. which currently have limited or no local retailers for the GreenTeaHAWAII products, thus these areas are market rich environments just waiting to be tapped by our affiliate retailers. If you're serious about growing your business and looking for a product with a high contact-to-sales success rate and with extreme market growth potential, you owe it to yourself and your business to contact us today and inquire about becoming a Live Green Tea Hawaii affiliate retailer.

If you would like to join Live Green Tea Hawaii's Affiliate Retailer Program or wanting to know more about purchasing the Green Tea Hawaii products,  we welcome you to stop by Booth #2230 and talk more with one of our Team members.

If you're not planning to attend SurfExpo 2013, please feel free to contact us at or call us toll-free: 1-855-GRN-TEA2.




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