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How do you know a product is something you should try?

When “real people” offer their honest and unbiased feedback about it and you find yourself relating to their circumstances and experiences and want the same results they had.  If you are like me and agree with that premise, then read on.

I am a typical overweight American with poor dietary habits and a lack of energy.  I compensate for this by drinking a lot of coffee, and occasionally supplement that with your run of the mill “energy” boosters like 5 Hour Energy, Redbull, or Double Shot Espresso drinks. The problem with that is number one, they are expensive, and number two, not really very good for you.

I have been looking for a better solution (that didn’t require 3 hour workouts and gallons of water a day).  A co-worker of mine had suggested I try Green Tea, so I did a little research.  After discovering all of the benefits of Green Tea, I was very impressed.  However I also learned that to truly experience the greatest benefits from green tea I needed to drink a lot of it, and I wasn’t sure that would be feasible, or if I would actually follow through with it after a few days….then I learned about green tea extracts.  BINGO! That was the ticket for a guy like me.  After some additional research I decided to go with “powdered extracts” because of the better absorption of the key components of green tea.

As life would have it, I happened to find out a friend’s brother was a distributor for a green tea extract powder during one of my “I really need to lose some weight and get more energy rants”.  So I decided to try Green Tea Hawaii.  I arranged to get a few samples first. (I am not the kind of person to lay out $70 on an experiment and I don’t just jump on a fad hoping it will work.  I am a bit skeptical in nature and don’t like to rely on a manufacturer’s product claims.

And to be honest, I was concerned about a couple of things.  The first was how it would taste, (because if it was lousy like most bitter unsweetened teas I knew I wouldn’t drink it), and second, would I actually feel energized without getting jittery or feeling I was amped up like I do when I drink too much coffee.

I decided to try it first over the weekend, in case it caused me any problems which I wouldn’t want to have at work.

I started with the original flavor and mixed it into a cold bottle of water (16oz). It took about 60 seconds of vigorous shaking to get all of the powder to dissolve.  It had a slightly citrus smell mixed with green tea odor which I liked.  Most importantly though, it tasted really good!  It was clean and refreshing and had a very crisp finish with no unpleasant after taste.  I started feeling more alert and began noticing a bump in my energy after about 10- 15 minutes.  Even after 6 hours I still felt great and never experienced any jitters or unwanted effects. 

I have been drinking it for several days now, and NO coffee.  I feel great!  I have to say I wouldn’t be writing this testimonial if it hadn’t truly surpassed my original expectations.  I am looking forward to see how the weight loss claims unfold, and will post another testimonial “if” and when that occurs, but in the meantime if you are looking for a healthier, cleaner, and organic way to boost your energy I strongly suggest you try this product.  You can go to for more info and to order it. (For what it’s worth, I have always found that independent dealers care more about you as a customer).

On a side note, some of the additional benefits I found were that the packets are very small and easy to carry around.  The flavors are all good, although I liked the original the most, (probably because the green tea smell and taste were a little more authentic to me in what I was expecting).  I also love the fact that green tea is natural and healthy for you.  I feel like I have taken a step towards getting healthier and it was virtually effortless.  Let’s face it, we all know that eating right, exercising, and drinking a lot of water will make us lose weight and have more energy, but for me the trick was finding something I felt I would continue to do day in and day out for a LONG time.  This product lived up to my expectations and I recommend you give it a try if you want a way to boost your “clean energy” and experience all of the amazing additional health benefits of green tea.

- Greg Kotseos, Charlotte NC

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