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Raspberry Ketones Active Ingredients


The Green Tea Hawaii - Raspberry Ketone supplements contain the following ingredients:

·         Raspberry Ketones

·         Green Tea

·         African Mango

·         L-Carnitine

·         Theobromine

Each ingredient is designed to enhance and promote weight loss and good health, and each ingredient is recognized as an aid in weight loss.  African Mango helps to suppress the appetite and enhance fat burning, as well as, increase energy and detoxify the body.  

Green Tea, as we’ve discussed, provides many essential nutrients and antioxidants and helps the body to burn calories, promotes fat burning, enhances fat oxidation and helps to prevent obesity.  Carbohydrates are not released into the body as quick when green tea is in the system which helps you to maintain your balance throughout the day.  This helps to regulate your mood and increase your energy.

Theobromine is also an appetite suppressant which also works as a diuretic and suppressant.  Theobromin is a stimulant; however, it does not produce the effects that caffeine causes, as there are no jitters experienced when using it.  It also acts to help stabilize the mood and helps to promote muscular relaxation, making it a great benefit to the product.

The amino acid L-carnitine has been recognized in the diet and health community for some time as a product that works to reduce fat mass, reduce fatigue, and increase muscle mass.  The ingredient plays a significant role in the reduction of fat in trouble areas of the body.  It is also healthy for internal organs as it helps to discourage buildup on organs such as the heart and liver. 

The simple fact remains: Many dieters lose their motivation.  When you don’t feel good about yourself, you lose a degree of “excitement” about life.  Being overweight isn’t being happy for most of us, and the North Shore Diet can begin to put the happiness back into your life within the first week.  It is an amazing diet and one that should not be overlooked by anyone who is interested in losing a few pounds or maintaining their weight.  

One common scenario among our dieters is them reporting they’ve accomplished their weight loss goals without any changes to their lifestyles, which leads them to many changes in their lives. It is a common scenario among dieters that: The better you feel, the more you want to do, and the North Shore Diet does just this.  After a month on the diet, dieters are typically feeling so good, and so motivated, that they begin to take it a step further and introduce healthy changes in their lives.

Good Luck!


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