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  I recently sampled Green Tea Hawaii at a local festival, however I can't seem to locate the Live Green Tea Hawaii website ( in which to order more of this product. I absolutely loved the taste of the Green Tea Hawaii product but it wasn't until later that same day that I truly started feeling the benefits of drinking this amazing green tea product. The Live Green Tea people were so friendly, informative, and helpful in answering all my questions that I want to order my product directly from their company as they've earned my business, can you please help me locate Live Green Tea Hawaii's website?

  Live Green Tea Hawaii's website is, unfortunately you were missing an 'a' in the spelling of Hawaii when you were searching for our website. We appreciate your positive comments about your experience with our Green Tea Hawaii and the Live Green Tea Hawaii Team members who introduced you to our green tea products. We appreciate your business and strive to provide each of our customers with the same friendly, professional experience that you recently felt at one of our festival booths. 

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