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 Scott Rutledge

Car: '89 Nissan 240SX Coupe, Two Tone:GTH DRift Team - Scott Rutledge

Hometown: Sacramento. CA

Scott has been Drifting since 2007 and competed in Thunderhill Drift event, Buttonwillow Drift, and in all five (5) 2012 East10 Drift events. The highlight of Scott's recent success is he and Andrew Cate's taking 1st Place in the tandem competition at the Koss MotorSports (KMS) Drift Event in Huntsville, AL earlier this year. Don't be fooled by Scott's quiet demeanor because this guy's driving speaks loudly when he's out on the track. Scott brings his west coast style to the east and Live Green Tea Hawaii couldn't be more excited to have this incredibly talented driver as part of their LGTH Drift Team.

Perhaps a man of few words, or just keeping focused on what motivates him the most, Scott ended our driver interview with these three words: "Keep drifting fun!"


Louie Garza

Car: 2005 Mazda RX8, Matte Black

Originally from the City of Angels (Los Angeles, CA), Louie Garza is a relatively new to piloting one of these machines as he's been drifting since... well, January. However, this cat has been a Drift Nut since he can remember, which leaves us thinking he's been around this sport for quite a few years.

Louie Garza - Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Team

Besides being a driver for the newly formed Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Team and one of the area's biggest drift enthusiasts, Louie is the Founder & Event Coordinator of East Tennessee Drift (aka, East10 Drift). 

Having been involved in East Tennessee motorsports since 2007, Louie states, "I've always been a car enthusiast since the day I was was born, thanks to (my) Dad." It didn't take him long to want to become a part of the drift scene and get behind the wheel after catching wind of this full adrenaline sport! "Once I had the proper vehicle, I submerged myself into the motor sport scene, and attended any event possible", states Garza. Garza had always wanted and hoped that Drifting would come through Knoxville (Knox-Vegas), however after living in East Tennessee for more than a decade and feeling the region was missing out, Louie felt, "Enough is enough" and set out to launch East10 Drift and the well organized drift events many have come to enjoy. Louie Garza's RX8 - LGTH Drift Team

"Drifting is quickly gaining momentum in East Tennessee and everyone from the drivers to the fans are excited! We've been fortunate to have Live Green Tea Hawaii join our team of supporters... and together we will keep Drifting FUN!!!"



Andrew Cate

Car: '92 Nissan 240SX coupe, White

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Andrew Cate - Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Team


Cody Ward

Car: '92 Nissan 240SX hatchback

Cody Ward grew up in Powell, TN, a suburb just north of Knoxville, and although he grew up around go-cart racing and the dirt track scene, Cody quickly gravitated to the drifting scene. This is his first year competing full time and is a regular at East10Drift events and some of the regional KMS Drift events. Although Cody didn't win any competitions this year, he's definitely getting stronger with each event and he and tandem LGTH Drift Team driver, Keaton Gibson look to be very competitive in 2013. Cody joined Live Green Tea Hawaii's team late into the season, however he's made a great addition to the LGTH Drift Team. 

Keaton Gibson

Car: S14 Kouki 240SX

Hometown: Knoxville, TN   Keaton Gibson - Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Team driver 

When asked how long he's been drifting, Keaton will tell you more than 6 years, however when asked who was he driving for or what events, you quickly put together that Keaton's drifting career started on the streets and parking lots in and around East Tennessee. To some, Drifting looks like controlled chaos, well this LGTH Drift Team driver could be described just that way.... Controlled Chaos! Keaton Gibson - LGTH Drift TeamAlthough, he's drifted with many types of cars, and even toyed with drifting a '75 big block Ford truck, Keaton has most enjoyed his 240SX and comparing driver's note with LGTH Drift Team drivers: Andrew Cate, Scott Rutledge, and Cody Ward.


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