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 Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Racing Team - Coming Soon!!

Live Green Tea Hawaii is ironing out the final details to the launch of their LGTH Drift Racing Team. Louie Garza (Knoxville, TN) is looking to head-up the LGTH Drift Team with a few other drivers from around East Tennessee. All of the Live Green Tea Hawaii Drift Racing Team sponsored cars will compete at various Drift events throughout the Southeast. These drivers do a great job and will represent the Live Green Tea Hawaii brand well as they travel and compete in various drift events. 

Check back with us in the coming weeks as we'll look to highlight each of the Live Green Tea Hawaii drivers and may host a special LGTH Drift Racing Team Launch Party.


Also check out Louie Garza's coordinated East Tennessee Drift events (

East10 Drift Event - Green Tea Hawaii sponsored     

(Posted August 7, 2012)



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