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I have been on many diet plans and they all seem to work to a degree. The biggest drawback always seems to be maintaining the weight loss. Since I have started using your Green Tea Hawaii, I have not had this problem and I have lost even more weight. I had not been on any specific diet, just lowering servings at meals and this works, as I said to a degree. I am not faced with long tedious preps for meals and following a diet plan or having to be a statistician to add up and keep track of what I can eat per day or meal. I have looked at the list of benefits from using the Green Tea. I do have more energy and not nervous energy that interrupts sleep and gives you the shakes. My blood pressure has decreased and is staying down and the list goes on.
I am really glad that I started using Green Tea Hawaii and I will continue to do so...
Thank you, Live Green Tea Hawaii!
JB, Florida 
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