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Staying true to their Hawaiian roots and lifestyle, greenteaHAWAII has hand picked a surf team comprised of some of the best riders on the North Shore including Myles Padaca, Flynn Novak and Torrey Miester.

“Finally we have a sports drink that is both beneficial to my highly active lifestyle and also healthy. I love that greenteaHAWAII is a local, grassroots company it feels great to be an ambassador and a team rider.” 

Green Tea Hawaii is sold by numerous affiliate retailers throughout the Islands and mainland and is also sold online here at

 Green Tea Hawaii Surf Team - North Shore Dier 

Following a successful launch in July 2010, Green Tea Hawaii is making quite a name for itself throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the buzz is paving way for its launch across the mainland. Green Tea HAWAII is a highly concentrated form of green tea and pure Hawaiian Noni in the form of a single-serving instant supplement. One serving of Green Tea HAWAII has the health benefits of as many as 45 cups of regular green tea and one daily serving of Noni juice.

“We are excited to bring GreenTea HAWAII to the mass market,” says Co-Founder Ryan Hendrix. “After working with green tea for over a decade, we found the perfect way to balance its amazing benefits with the high demand for healthy beverages of today’s on-the-go nature consumer.”


Flynn Novak - GreenTeaHAWAII Surf Team

Flynn Novak - Flynnstone Flip (Green Tea Hawaii Surf Team)


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