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 In this era of slick-worded marketing pitches and TV infomercials promoting products that could never live up to the hype and promised results, many consumers are skeptical about Green Tea Hawaii when they're first introduced to this product. I fully understand their skepticism, as I too didn't think there was any product on the market that could provide the healthy benefits I've felt since consuming this product and with delicious flavors that I truly enjoy drinking. However, thousands of happy consumers and the results they've experienced speak for themselves. Live Green Tea Hawaii continually receives phone calls and e-mails from customers who are so excited about their results (typically weight loss or lower blood pressure) and how anxious they are to share their positive results with others. Although every person is biologically unique and the results any one person may feel or experience consuming Green Tea Hawaii will vary, Live Green Tea Hawaii is so confident you will love this product and its benefits that we gladly offer first-time customers a full Money Back Guarantee* if you aren't 100% satisfied with the Green Tea Hawaii products.


So what are you waiting for.... Order Green Tea Hawaii and Start Feeling Healthier Today!


*NOTE: The Money Back Guarantee covers the full amount paid by the Customer, including original Shipping costs; The Money Back Guarantee is void if any of the following conditions exist/apply:
(1) if customer does not return unused product, or if returned product is damaged or shows tampering
(2) if customer consumes or fails to return 10 or more servings/packets of product
(3) if returned product is not received within 30 days from original date of purchase 
(4) if product wasn't purchased directly from Live Green Tea Hawaii or from its website (
Customer is responsible for returning all unused product; Return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.


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