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Live Green, Stay Healthy... Live Green Tea Hawaii


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Live Green, Stay Healthy... Live Green Tea Hawaii 



GreenTea Hawaii is a specially formulated green tea loaded with powerful antioxidants that promote health and weight loss. Green Tea Hawaii available in many delicious flavors:  

Pineapple Strawberry ~ All-Natural Original ~ Raspberry Lemonade ~ Mocha Flavor


Many greenteaHAWAII consumers swear by the weight loss results, increase in energy, and healthier lifestyle they're experiencing from using the product.


Live Green Tea Hawaii is looking for new affiliate retailers in an effort expand the availability of Green Tea Hawaii throughout Arizona, from Page to Sierra Vista and from Bullhead City to Lupton.

Although the greenteaHAWAII products were originally created and sold only in the Hawaiian islands, the company is now looking to expand throughout the United States, Canada and to international markets.


 Live Green Tea Hawaii is excited to be bringing these great products to the new markets, especially to Arizona. So, regardless of whether you're living in Phoenix, Glendale, Tucson, Scottsdale, Chandler or even in Flagstaff, sign-up today to become a Green Tea Hawaii affiliate retailer and start growing your green tea business.

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Live Green, Stay Healthy... Live Green Tea Hawaii



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