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John Dreiling @ Surf Expo 2013

 Live Green Tea Hawaii will host wakeboarder, John Dreiling, at Surf Expo 2013 (Jan. 10-12, 2013). Stop by the Live Green Tea Hawaii Booth 2230, visit with John and be sure to pick-up one of the Limited Edition Live Green Tea Hawaii, John Dreiling Action photo cards.  Also take the opportunity to talk with one of the Live Green Tea Hawaii representatives about Green Tea Hawaii and how this unique new product can complement your current retail products.

Surf Expo 2013

 Live Green Tea Hawaii is exhibiting at Surf Expo 2013 in Orlando, Florida.  The event takes place January 10th through the 12th, 2013 and is the largest trade show for manufacturers and retailers in the surf, skate, water sports, dive and resort industries.  The environment will be buzzing, and the latest products and hottest trends will be featured.  Everything will be there, and Live Green Tea Hawaii will be among them, introducing the healthy drink alternative that has already hit millions in sales. 

Live Green Tea Hawaii is excited to be introducing our product to the surf, skate, wakeboard, dive, SUP, windsurf, fashion and all other retail buyers in the beach industry at Surf Expo 2013.  Our product is focused on a healthy lifestyle for everyone- the beach body, the fitness body, and the average body.  It boosts the metabolism, gives the individual more energy, makes it easy to lose weight FAST and keep it off, reduces stress & anxiety, and helps to stabilize their mood, and reduces the risk of developing cancer.  Drink Green Tea Hawaii twice a day and lose as much as 10 lbs. a month, without a change to your lifestyle. However, our product is not just about losing weight, it's the perfect fitness drink for those active, fitness-oriented individuals who maintain their ideal weight, as well. Green Tea Hawaii helps to maintain their physique, works to reduce chronic pains like inflammation, maintain blood sugar levels, and reduces stress and anxiety, and more.   We are getting amazing results across the board.  With this healthy drink alternative, you can drink it once, twice, or all day long and the results are undeniable; exactly what the drink is about.   Best of all, it is affordable and can go anywhere, any time- perfect for amateurs, professionals, and just those who want a good body, and/or to maintain their weight.   

We expect a lot of interest in our Green Tea Hawaii product, as it has been well received in multiple retail markets and is ideal for most every lifestyle, especially that of the beach and surf lifestyle.  There‚Äôs been a lot of hype recently about green tea in the media- everyone from Dr. Oz to Chinese researchers to other big names in the media have talked about or written about the tremendous advantages of green tea. The Green Tea Hawaii product has all these healthy advantages - multiplied 45 times, into each single serving of Green Tea Hawaii.  Each 16 - 20oz. serving contains one full serving of Noni juice and 450 mg of green tea antioxidants and other ingredients that are designed to promote health, increase energy and aid in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Surf Expo 2013 features 2,000 booths and Live Green Tea Hawaii is proud to say WE WILL BE THERE and hope you are among the thousands of attendees. Stop by our booth (Booth #2230) so one of the Live Green Tea Hawaii representatives can personally introduce you to Green Tea Hawaii, offer you a taste, and answer any questions you might have. We'll show you and let you experience how powerful of a product this is and how this product can increase your retail sales. Hope to see you there!


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