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We hear all the time of those wonderful foods and beverages we love and the powerful antioxidants that are found in them that helps our conscious have a reason to grab them- chocolate and red wine!  But, there’s something else in the picture and it is green tea! 

Green tea provides a high amount of flavonoids- compounds that form antioxidants.  Experts claim that individuals should drink about three cups of green tea daily to benefit from its health benefits.  Studies have shown that the antioxidants contained in green tea can help fight various diseases and conditions which include cancers, stroke, and heart disease. 

While Green Tea Hawaii has put the most “Powerful Punch” in drinking green tea, for the sake of knowledge, let’s take a look at the most powerful tea bags that you can drink should you opt for that good old fashioned cup of tea- please note that you will not be getting the added benefits that Green Tea Hawaii offers, as you would have to drink an awful lot of tea to match what two simple packets of Green Tea Hawaii provides. 

        ·  Longjing

        ·  Sencha

        ·  Yanagi

        ·  Gyokuro

        ·  Maccha

        ·  Genmaicha

The benefits of green tea are endless- which is one reason why there has been such a focus on it in the media.  Live Green Tea Hawaii has written endless blog posts on studies, benefits, weight loss and more to share with our readers that are interested in improving their health, and we welcome you to take a look at each for further information.

Thinking of those wonderful antioxidants we thought we’d leave you with a few chocolate and green tea recipes that you are sure to love!


Green Tea and Chocolate Cake

What You’ll Need

    ·  ½ tsp. baking powder

    ·  1 Tbsp. matcha (green tea powder)

    ·  ½ cup butter

    · 2/3 cup sugar

    · 1 cup flour

    ·  2 large eggs


Preheat oven to 340 degrees F.  Butter a loaf pan.

In a bowl, cream the butter.  Once creamed mix in sugar.  Beat the eggs, and add gradually as you stir.  Continue stirring until the mixture is well mixed.  Sift flour, green tea powder, and baking powder and add the flour mixture to the egg mixture, and mix well. 

Pour the mixture into the loaf pan and place in oven for 30 – 40 minutes.


Green Tea Truffles

This is a scrumptious recipe that you are sure to love! 

What You’ll Need:

    ·   4 ounces candied ginger, sliced finely

    ·  Green candy food coloring

    ·  5 green tea bags

    ·  2 pounds white chocolate, finely chopped

    ·  Scant 1 cup cream


In a medium sized saucepan, heat the cream over medium heat.  Allow the cream to simmer then remove from heat- when the edges start to bubble is when you’ll want to remove it from the heat. Once removed add the tea bags to the mixture.  Cover the saucepan with Saran Wrap to intensify the steeping and let sit for 15 minutes.

While the cream and tea sits, melt one pound of the white chocolate in the microwave.  Use a double boiler. 

Once the 15 minutes has passed, take the tea bags out from the cream and squeeze them tightly to make sure you get as much tea out and into the cream as possible. Pour the melted white chocolate into the cream mixture and gently stir with a whisk.  The mixture should be completely combined.  If you would like, you can add a couple drops of green food coloring. Cover the bowl with Saran Wrap  and place in the refrigerator for no less than three hours. 

Remove the bowl from the refrigerator; coat your hands with powdered sugar, and with a spoon scoop a portion of the mixture and roll into a ball using your hands.  Place on a baking sheet lined with foil.  Once you have all the truffles formed, return them to the refrigerator and chill for no less than one hour.

Written by Erin Kilgour — March 21, 2013

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