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 Dieters around the world seek ways to speed up their metabolism.  For dieters who have good intentions but who always seem to fail, we are about to reveal even better news!  What you may not realize is that there are ways that you can enhance i.e. boost your metabolism so that even when you are sitting on the couch your body is burning calories.   Following are a few things that you CAN easily do for yourself and that will help you to boost your metabolism and assist you in your weight loss efforts- this applies to even those who are not on the North Shore Diet, or raspberry ketones, or green tea.

1. Eat Breakfast.  Your parents have been telling you  that breakfast is the most important meal of the day throughout your life.  These are words of wisdom, and it is now time to take them seriously!  Usually, when breakfast is skipped, we have an excuse- I’m not hungry, I don’t have time, or I don’t like to eat breakfast foods.  Skipping breakfast is hard on your body, and when you wait to eat until lunchtime or longer, your body naturally assumes you are fasting and slows your metabolism down.  Try to put something into yourself each morning that is healthy, even if it is a simple slice of toast with peanut butter. 

2. Drink green tea!  Of course, drink Green Tea Hawaii (greenteaHAWAII) for maximum green tea benefits.  Green tea is a metabolism booster which helps you to burn calories and to melt away body fat.   Green Tea Hawaii not only offers a wealth of information on our site, you’ll find a wealth of information on our blog about the various studies that have been performed on green tea.  The antioxidants in green tea are powerful and improved health and weight loss is achieved with the right consumption of green tea. 

3. Diet!  You know how those spicy foods make your mouth burn?  Well, hot peppers aren’t just good for burning the mouth!  They are also good for burning calories.  Add hot peppers to your diet.

4. Exercise!  The leaner your muscle, the more calories you burn, even when you rest.  As age sets in we lose muscle mass (even a greater reason to exercise).  Building muscle is essential and will make a big difference in the calories that you burn.  When you are lean, you burn more calories, even when you aren’t working at it. 

5. Eat regularly  When you don’t eat regularly, your body stores away calories; therefore, it is essential to eat meals regularly.  When you fail to do so, your metabolism slows so that you won’t starve.  Experts suggest that you eat three meals and healthy snacks, or five to six small meals daily.

6. Eat protein with each meal  Protein is known to be a metabolism booster and healthy levels of protein should be included with each meal.  Be sure to make the lean proteins which include nonfat yogurt, turkey breast, chicken breast, lean red meat, fish, eggs, and skim milk, as well as, lentils, tofu, and beans.

7. Keep a positive attitude and maintain a healthy mind  A good outlook on life does create happiness and the more happiness we have in our lives, the more energy we tend to have.  Therefore, stay happy!  Keep a smile on your face and think pleasant thoughts.

Written by Erin Kilgour — March 21, 2013

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