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Green tea, Oolong tea, and black tea all derive from Camellia sinesis plants- however; they are not the same in varieties.  With green tea, the leaves are not fermented before they are steamed and dried.  Most tea contains large quantities of polyphenols, which are plant-based substances and which are sources of anti-oxidants, as well as possessing anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.  Green tea is rich in polyphenols- particularly catechins. 

While the substances have proved to possess anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, there have also been studies performed on animals that show these catechins may also reduce cholesterol levels and the accumulation of body fat.

Many studies do show that cholesterol levels are reduced as well as fat accumulation.  That is no “new” news.  In one particular study, catechins affects were studied in correlation to weight loss and body fat reduction in 35 Japanese male participants.  The men were comparatively similar in waist size and in body mass index.  The participants were split into two groups.  During a three month period, the first group consumed green tea extract fortified Oolong tea.  The amount of catechins in the beverage was 690 milligrams.  The other group of men consumed one bottle of the tea with 22 milligrams of catechins. 

Throughout the study the men ate the same breakfasts and dinners.  They were also asked to control their fat intake and calorie count throughout the study so that they had similar diets.

After three months the participants who consumed the tea with the higher dosage of catechins experienced a greater weight loss than those who had not.  The average weight loss in these men was 5.3 pounds.  This was not the only positive effect.  These men also experienced a significant decrease in their waist size, as well as their body mass index and total body fat. 

The study also shows that these same men also experienced lower levels of bad- LDL cholesterol.  The amount of green tea catechin content depends on the amount of green tea that is consumed and the steeping time.  According to various studies on the benefits of the tea, no less than four cups of green tea a day should be consumed. 

According to researchers green tea catechins not only help to lower bad cholesterol but they help to burn calories and body fat.

According to researcher Tomonori Nago of Health Care Products Research Laboratories (Tokyo, Japan), the results of the study suggest that green tea catechins contribute to the prevention of and reduce different lifestyle related diseases, especially obesity.

Written by Erin Kilgour — March 21, 2013

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