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 Millions of people around the world believe in the health benefits of green tea for severe diseases, which include various cancers, liver disease and heart disease.  Studies have been performed around the world on the beneficial effects of green tea and catechins which relate to one another and have shown positive reports of health benefits for both youngsters and adults.  Studies also show that catechins are ideal in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, such as obesity, cardiovascular risk factors, and type II diabetes.  Catechins may also be effective against high sugar levels in the body, and may also help to better body movements as it is known to help strengthen the body.

In recent years, studies have shown that consuming green tea has many health benefits.  The prevention of cancer, antioxidative, antiviral, antibacterial, antiarthritic, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular disease, reducing high cholesterol level, and neuroprotective are all helped with green tea consumption. 

Green tea’s polyphenol content is one of its primary reasons for health promoting effects, especially those of flavanols and flavonols, which constitute a large percentage of the dry weight of the fresh tea leaf.  Recent studies note that catechin, (-) epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), attributes to beneficial effects, as well. 

So what does this boil down to?  These are just a few results of the health benefits of green tea.  When you begin to research, you’ll find an abundance of information on the various benefits which of course, include weight loss.  Green Tea Hawaii gives green tea consumers a new concept about the tea.  Green tea has long been used as a herbal medicine, and now with Green Tea Hawaii, the consumption of the tea has become even more beneficial.  For those who are interested in green tea for its ability to help promote weight loss, there’s nothing better than the North Shore Diet.

Written by Erin Kilgour — March 21, 2013

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