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 There are many secrets to green tea, not only health secrets, but also secrets in cosmetology! According to a study of green tea by doctors, it was found that green tea also has the ability to enhance one’s beauty. In addition, doctors have discovered that green tea can be helpful and used by the body by more than just one method. One method, of course, is drinking the tea. Another, lesser known method, of getting green tea into the body is by rubbing it directly onto the skin. Some businessmen have discovered green tea has an impact on the cosmetic industry because of its anti-oxidant qualities. Further, other companies add green tea to their products such as their moisturizers, skin lotions and facial scrubs as a secondary ingredient as well. The knowledge of the positive qualities of green tea is becoming more and more widespread among more and more cosmetic companies. All of these discoveries are encouraging further research into the benefits of green tea. Many people have become curious and are asking “How else can green tea be used in the cosmetic industry?”

According to clinical research, green tea leaves contain a high concentration of anti-oxidants. The beneficial properties of these anti-oxidants can improve the health of our skin. Anti-oxidants also have the ability to fight harmful free-radicals (harmful compounds in the body that enhance the process of aging). The anti-oxidant properties of green tea help to fight damaging free radicals when it is applied to the skin. However, a majority of consumers do not want to buy expensive products for their skin if they can get the same results from simply drinking (inexpensive) green tea.

Here are some more tips on green tea and how it can help you:

Strengthen hair – green tea can protect your hair from pollutants in the environment and give it a shiny look. In order to achieve this glistening look, first you need to rinse your hair with green tea. In order to make this special rinse, follow this recipe:  (1) get three to four bags of green tea and (2) boil them in 1 liter of water for about sixty minutes.  (3) After boiling for sixty minutes, let the solution (4) cool down and (5) rinse it into your hair under water- after you shampoo and condition.

Soothing your eyes – this technique, using green tea, can reduce dark circles under your eyes. Here’s how you do it: (1) close your eyes and place two used green tea bags (which have cooled) over your close eyes (just like putting Pepino in your eyes), then (2) you’ll need to lie down for about 10 to 15 minutes. The green tea leaves anti-oxidant content works to prevent wrinkles and clear away some of the unwanted lines around your eyes.

Written by Erin Kilgour — January 31, 2013

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