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 Green Tea is commonly known in the whole world because of its unique benefits and natural effects on our bodies and health. That’s the power of true nature! Amazing isn’t it?  Has it ever come into your mind that there is more than one kind of Green Tea? The answer is YES! Green Tea has different classifications and can be put in different categories. Here is some intriguing information about Green Tea that you will find useful as you work to increase the quality of your healthy lifestyle.

 Three Kinds of Green Tea:

 Green Tea - Making green tea by frying the young and fresh leaves and the bud of the tea leaves. After frying, it will need to be dried.

 We all know green tea is superb because of its benefits and its ability to increase the quality of health overall. One reason green tea is so beneficial is because it contains within it many natural substances that boosts our body’s metabolism, boosts our energy and makes our bodies feel younger! The most common and most popular substance inherent of green tea is that it is composed of a very powerful health-booster, a special antioxidant.

Antioxidant – it is a molecule that inhibits oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a type of chemical reaction in our body that can produce free radicals. Antioxidants are commonly used widely in issues of health and the benefits of antioxidants have been (and continue to be) studied all over the world! Researchers have found that antioxidants can prevent diseases like breast cancer, heart disease and countless other illnesses that may have been ‘nipped in the bud’ if the antioxidants to fight the disease had been found sooner!

 Black Tea - making black tea with fresh leaves, this type of tea needs to be withered under sunlight. During the technique to make black tea, the leaves must just be barely scratched and placed in a slightly acidic environment to help catalyze the process of fermentation.

 Black tea is known because of its strong flavour when compared to the less-oxidized teas. However, the difference between black tea with other teas is that the flavour of black tea remains for years (longer shelf life), unlike other teas in which the flavour can change after years of storage.

 Oolong Tea – Making oolong tea by taking the process of fermentation to its fullest extent is how this tea differs from other teas. These teas are commonly known in China, Europe, India and North America. Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea. The method for making this type of tea is ancient and in some parts of China, there are traditional and unique procedures used to make the tea, such as making the tea can only be done under special conditions such as withering the leaves under a very strong heat and light of the sun!

 Teas have their own characteristics just like us people, but the main attractions with these teas that make them so very special is in how they benefit our lives. We must not ignore the natural way of taking care of ourselves by simplify drinking a green tea every day.


Written by Erin Kilgour — January 30, 2013

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