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Green tea has long been enjoyed throughout the world; nearly every culture has enjoyed green tea for centuries, that is, with the exception of the Filipinos.  For nearly 400 years the Filipinos were colonized by the Spaniards- then the Americans for another 50, and their beverage habits leaned towards strong coffee and soft drinks- in 2004 this would change! 

With it being known that there was a need for a healthier beverage in the Philippines, C2 Green Tea was introduced onto the Filipino market in 2004.  Like everywhere else in the world, Filipinos were becoming more concerned with their overall well-being and more interested in their health.  The need for a healthier beverage was recognized, and the ready to drink tea was introduced onto the Filipino market.  The drink suddenly became famous and all the markets were carrying the tea.  People were heading to the tea that had them thinking clearer, living a more balanced lifestyle, helping to sculpt their bodies, and helping them to feel young and strong.  The tea became in great demand.  After one year on the market, the manufacturer of the tea began to make available more flavors. 

Today, the Philippines have joined in with taking advantage of the health benefits of green tea.  Green tea is a common beverage that is sold in supermarkets, stores, restaurants and wherever people gather.  The results of how the product so quickly entered into a society; impressed so many people with its tremendous properties that do help one to look and feel younger, lose weight and fight disease, were simply amazing.  It has become the beverage that promotes a full and healthy lifestyle, and one that more and more individuals throughout the world are taking the time to enjoy.

So whether you’ve never tried green tea before or whether you’re an avid green tea drinker, Live Green Tea Hawaii believes you’ll be amazed by their delicious Green Tea Hawaii product, which provides the health benefits of 45 cups of green tea per one 16-20 oz. serving.  Although I was more than a little skeptical at first myself, I challenge you to try this great tasting green tea product and see for yourself how this incredible product can enhance a healthier lifestyle for you.

Written by Erin Kilgour — December 19, 2012

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