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 Live Green Tea Hawaii is proud to introduce our Drift Race Team Drivers- Scott Rutledge, Louie Garza, Andrew Cate, Cody Ward, and Keaton Gibson.  Just like the drivers speak loudly when out on the track, Green Tea Hawaii speaks loudly when consumed! Live Green Tea Hawaii is proud to have teamed up with such great Drift Car Drivers and to show our support and have them endorse our product.  We’ve long been associated with the physique and high energy levels, but there is much more to the product than just that.  It’s about strength and body building and the power to look and feel your best.  It’s about having the adrenaline to make a “ROAR” even if you don’t make one single lifestyle change.  Green Tea Hawaii offers the power to a solid you, a powerful you, and a good looking you. 

Our drivers are proud to endorse the product, and we are proud to have them behind the wheel.  While they may not need to lose those extra pounds like many of us, maintaining the physique is something that interests all of us.  And, there’s no doubt that our product is getting the recognition it deserves when it comes to the stamina it offers, increased energy levels, its mood stabilizing benefits, and formulation for overall well-being.  It’s a great feeling to be on the fast track with the drivers, and we welcome you to come along!

Written by Dennis Hough — December 12, 2012

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