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  The reason our product, Green Tea Hawaii, has become such a popular weight loss product is not just because of its tremendous ability to aid in weight loss and to promote overall good well-being. It is also popular because it is easy to use, and tastes great.  Unlike other diet products, the product is simply mixed in a glass of water.  Getting results doesn’t mean a diet change or exercise, and dieters can virtually lose weight and increase their energy and overall wellness within a week.  Within a month, drinking just two glasses of Green Tea Hawaii a day will result in a weight loss of 10 pounds- with no other lifestyle changes made.  For dieters who have a hundred pounds to lose, they can drink the tea throughout the day, without being concerned of negative side effects.  It is a very nice concept to not only be losing the extra pounds that make us uncomfortable, but, to actually be doing something good for our bodies while we do it.  This is exactly what the tea is about.  It is about a lifestyle change of two cups of tea each day that are great tasting, and the loss of weight, as well as the added benefit of maintaining the weight loss.  When it comes down to it, most dieters start out with good intentions, and most quickly fade, and they are back to their routines that have lead them to being overweight.  With Green Tea Hawaii, you don’t have to worry about your good intentions failing.  And, this is the reason for its popularity.

The product can be used as a refreshing drink any time of the day; however, it should be consumed 10 to 15 minutes before a meal to achieve optimum results.

One major benefit that many dieters feel when they begin to lose pounds is that their motivation quickly returns.  Because of the amino acid L-Thiamine that is used in Green Tea Hawaii dieters begin to have the advantage of increased energy much sooner.  With the increased energy and weight loss, the individual experiences not just a higher level of self-confidence, but also a higher level of activity, creating a winning cycle. 

Written by Erin Kilgour — December 11, 2012

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