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Introducing our New Mocha Flavor with Kona Coffee accents!

Kona Coffee grows on a narrow strip of land on the big island of Hawaii. This rich, flavorful coffee comes from coffee trees that grow on the cool slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains. The rich volcanic soil and afternoon cloud cover produces the full bodied flavor and pleasing aroma that makes Kona Coffee highly prized throughout the world. You can receive all the benefits of Green Tea Hawaii while enjoying the new Mocha flavor with Kona Coffee accents, and take comfort in the fact that it contains:

Mocha greenteaHAWAII


• Less than 1 gram of sugar
• Organic evaporated cane sugar
• Kona Coffee flavor
• Antioxidants equal to 45 cups of green tea
• Great tasting Hot or Cold





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